Tula Massage in Monmouth with Evangeline Di Michele
Tula Massage in Monmouth with Evangeline Di Michele
Tulayoga for children
Tula yoga for children with Evangeline Di Michele
TulaMassage in London and Monmouth
TulaMassage in London and Monmouth


Tulamassage is a full-body oil massage that takes place on a futon. It is a sensory journey through the landscape of your body. The practitioner honours the natural contours and channels between and around the fascia and muscles, using these natural stream lines as pathways along which to flow.


Tulamassage is practiced in sync with the rhythms and melodies in specific musical compositions. This creates a fluid, hypnotic and wave-like continuity of movement through the body of the receiver. Although there is a choreographic structure along which the practitioner travels, she/he understands the principle that loving intention, receptivity and creativity are more life giving and effective in deep healing than robotic repetition.


Unwavering presence, expression from a calm centre, the balance of action and reception, precision of rhythm and line, genuine caring, and the fusion of strength and tenderness are other essential components of this meditative practice/treatment.


The primary focus of Tulamassage is on lasting release, both physically and emotionally, and to guide the body back towards a natural, free streaming and vibrant symmetry. Both for the giver and the receiver it is an enjoyable, liberating and nourishing experience.




Evangeline Di Michele
Tulayoga for children

How children benefit from Tulayoga


Children often live in a very full world of school pressures, constant lessons and learning, video games, sport competition etc,.all of which are wonderful and developmental in their own way, but they can also be stressful for children. 

Giving a child the time and space for a meditative practice, encourages them to find and appreciate the calm place within themselves...the axis of their being. Once found it can be a place for them to return to and be nourished for the rest of their adult life.


Tulayoga is a simple, elegant and joyful practice that allows a child to return home to their body and their calm centre.


Weightless, trusting and calming, your child can experience the relaxation of Tulayoga.  No prior knowledge or experience of yoga is required.  Evangeline will gently guide your child through the meditative therapy gaining their trust and confidence.


They are sensitive little beings.



More information


Tulayoga is for children from 5-11 years old*. 


Before the Tulayoga begins Evangeline will discuss your child's health and the benefits the child will experience from receiving a Tulayoga session.


Each session takes no longer than half an hour and is conducted in a peaceful, tranquil environment.  The parent will remain present throughout. Evangeline recommends that you allow up to an hour of your time to avoid rushing.


Evangeline will gently explain that the aim is to achieve calmness whilst having a joyous, happy experience.  Laughter and smiles is always a part of Tulayoga for children!


For more information or to make a booking please contact Evangeline on 07729 992 092 or email her at info@evangelinedimichele.co.uk


* Or maximum weight of 40 kilo or maximum height of 160 cm.




From an early age Evangeline was intrigued and fascinated by how the body worked and functioned on all levels. Her favourite subjects were biology and sport and she excelled at lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming.


On leaving school Evangeline’s initial training as a beauty therapist and reflexologist was the start of a journey towards developing other intuitive healing therapies which have become the basis of her work today.


In 2008 Evangeline spent a year in India studying the philosophy of Ayurvedic therapy. She also spent a month in the Sivananda ashram in Kerala learning yoga and its wisdom. In 2014, Evangeline spent a month in Bali with Louka Leppard, the founder of TULA (Tulamassage and Tulayoga).


Through her ongoing training with Louka Leppard and together with the teachings of Sophie de Lacaze-Duthiers, Evangeline has developed her understanding of the healing power of touch and the language of the body. Evangeline has also worked as a Tula practitioner with Alan Dolan at his retreat in Lanzarote where he uses transformational breath work to treat and help people with trauma, stress, depression and anxiety disorders.


In May 2016 Evangeline was part of the team of bodywork specialists led by Louka Leppard on his Agean Boat Retreat. For more information see: tulayoga.com


About Evangeline Di Michele




"Evangeline's Tulamassage left me with a sense of peace and confidence in myself to go forward into the jungle that life often presents."

Dr Zara Bieler GP


"Evangeline is highly professional, she works from her heart centre and I feel very safe, nurtured and cared for in every session I have had with her."

Linda Evans RN


"When I first met Evangeline I was 5 months pregnant. She released significant tension in my back and neck which I had been carrying for months, maybe years. She is truly unique in her ability to connect with what is happening in your body and her Tulamassage sessions are filled with warmth, integrity, honesty and humour!"

Julia Hawkins


"Tulamassage was an experience I won't forget. I had assumed massage was about the relief of physical pain and aches, but this was as much a healing of the mind. The effect was more powerful than I could have imagined."

Mr Patrick Childs


"Evangeline is a highly trained, gifted and intuitive therapist. When I first went to her for Tulamassage I had not long experienced a great shock in my life.  I felt traumatised and I think I was close to breaking down.  The four Tulamassage sessions she gave me released me from the acute stress I was experiencing both in body and mind.  It was a wonderful, soothing and uplifting experience and gave me a feeling of being restored and able to move forward with more peace than I could have hoped for. She is a true healer.

Elizabeth Walsh


Testimonials for tulamassage


"Tulamassage felt different to that of a traditional massage, the whole experience felt like a complete continuation, almost like a circle that kept moving with no start or end point. I can only describe it as a shoal of fish pulluating across the skin"

Jeff Richardson


"I have had cerebral palsy since birth and I'm in a wheelchair. With Evangeline's Tulamassage she made me feel safe and nurtured. I never felt judged, only accepted. On massaging my legs I felt this amazing connection as if they were alive."

Rebecca Evans


"I experienced relaxation as if I were meditating. My consciousness moved out of my body and had space for the process of Evangeline's healing hands to work freely."

Antony Daniels




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Evangeline Di Michele in Monmouth


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£40 (treatment 45 minutes)

£55 (treatments 60 minutes)

£70 (treatment 90 minutes)


Tulayoga for children

£25 (one child)

If parents would like to have siblings treated at the same time please call Evangeline for more information.


Only cash or bank transfer payments are accepted


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Full body 90 minutes £90

Back, Neck and Shoulders 60 minutes £60

Indian Head 30 minutes £35

Stomach 30 minutes £35

Pregnancy massage 60 minutes £60




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 Tulamassage at Anamaya Holistic Therapy Clinic, Adam and Eve Mews, Kensington, London ANAMAYA 



Louka Leppard


Evangeline trained with Louka Leppard, the founder of Tulamassage and Tulayoga. His primary interests are in the devotional, ceremonial and meditative aspects of touch, in the release of held emotion and trauma through the release of tension in the body and the healing power of tenderness.


Louka's teaching is powerfully healing... a complete mirror of the power of touch. Read more about Louka on his website: www.tulayoga.com



Louka Leppard Tulamassage and Tulayoga